We make our pricing as simple as possible, so the only choice you need to make is who you want to hang out with.

A floating coin
An hourly flat rate.

$42 per hour, at all times, everyday. We promise.

2 people standing next to each other
Two-on-one bookings.

Share support with a friend and save! Where appropriate, our two-on-one sessions are $31 per hour, per person, which is great for groups and events.

A pillow
Overnight care.

Sleep soundly with 8 hours of overnight support at a flat rate of $115. Additional hours resume at the regular rate.

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For 1 to 1 support

Monday - Sunday

$42 per hour

Public Holidays

$42 per hour

All our prices are flat rates, regardless of time of day or weekends.


A sleepover shift is an 8-hour booking where there is no expectation of being woken during the night. Additional support can be scheduled before and/or after the sleepover, at the rate of $42 per hour.

Monday - Sunday

$115 per night

Group Bookings

Group bookings are a great way to connect with other members at a lower rate, with the comfort of a Social Carer there for support.

  • 2-on-1 bookings are bookings with 1 Social Carer and 2 Members.

  • 3-on-1 bookings are bookings with 1 Social Carer and 3 Members.

2-on-1 bookings

$31 per hour

3-on-1 bookings

$23 per hour

Two young women, one a social carer and one with a disability, walking together holding hands.
Use your

NDIS funding

Use your NDIS funding to pay for your bookings.

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A female Social Carer holding the arm of an elderly woman, helping her to walk while turning to face her while saying something. The elderly woman has a walking stick.
Use your

Aged Care support plan

Use your Aged Care support plan to pay for your bookings.

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Transportation costs

Transport as part of a booking covers travel during a booking. There is no charge for the cost of a Hero travelling to and from their home to a booking.

Travel during booking

$0.80 per kilometre

“Home Care Heroes have the passionate care without the high price tag. Great value for money for genuine friendly care”

Meredith, Central Coast, NSW

Frequently asked questions

$42 per hour. We promise. 

$42 per hour. Really! 

One hour or $42. 

No. You don’t need previous experience to become a Social Carer. 

Nope! It’s the same $42 per hour. 

No. You only pay for the time you spend with a Social Carer. There are no added fees, not even for credit card payments. 

We’ve worked very hard to make our care model accessible and sustainable for everyone. Our services are available to anyone in need — even if they don’t have NDIS funding. 

Whatever your activity, it’s the same $42 an hour. Our Social Carers provide companionship and non-medical services. If you need personal care or medical care services, we can connect you with our partner network. 

Our Social Carers receive a flat rate of $32.30 an hour.