We make our pricing as simple as possible, so the only choice you need to make is who you want to hang out with.

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Affordable hourly rates

Our 1:1 hourly rates are $55 on weekdays and $74 on weekends, regardless of what Activity you want to do or which Carer you want to work with.

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Choose your support

Whether you're looking for sleepover support, online support or group bookings, you choose how you'd like to achieve your goals.

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Fair pay for workers

We pay our support workers fairly and competitively for their valuable work. View our support worker pay rates.

Chart comparing Like Family's $55 weekday hourly rate for social supports with $65.47 p/hr for NDIS and $71.05 p/hr for aged care

Affordable support below industry rates

Our 1:1 hourly rates are 16% lower than the NDIS price guide for social supports and well below aged care pricing, so you can achieve more of your goals no matter what funding you have.

Support services pricing

1:1 support

All our prices are flat rates, regardless of time of day.


$55 per hour

Weekends & public holidays

$74 per hour

Sleepover support

A sleepover shift is an 8-10 hour booking that starts any time after 7pm. Additional support can be scheduled before and after the sleepover at the hourly rate of that day. Learn more about sleepover support.

All nights

$275 per night

Group bookings

Group bookings are a great way to connect with other Members at a lower rate, with the comfort of a Social Carer there for support.

  • 1-on-2 bookings are bookings with 1 Social Carer and 2 Members.
  • 1-on-3 bookings are bookings with 1 Social Carer and 3 Members.

1-on-2 bookings (weekdays)

$32.73 per hour per Member

1-on-2 bookings (weekends and public holidays)

$46.06 per hour per Member

1-on-3 bookings (weekdays)

$21.82 per hour per Member

1-on-3 bookings (weekends and public holidays)

$30.70 per hour per Member

Video and phone bookings

Connect with Social Carers no matter where you live via an online video or phone booking. We understand these bookings may not always last the minimum booking time of 1 hour, so we offer a 30 minute video or phone booking rate (for calls over 30 minutes, the normal hourly rate applies).

Video or phone booking (weekdays)

$27.50 for 30 minutes

Video or phone booking (weekends & public holidays)

$37 for 30 minutes

Transport costs

This covers transport during a booking. There is no charge for the cost of a Social Carer travelling to and from their home to a booking.

NDIS participants can flexibly use their plan’s core support funding to claim service provider costs associated with transporting participants to and from NDIS funded community-based activities. Learn more about NDIS transport assistance.

Transport during booking

$1.00 per kilometre

Two young women, one a social carer and one with a disability, walking together holding hands.

Use your

NDIS funding

Use your NDIS funding to pay for your bookings.

A female Social Carer holding the arm of an elderly woman, helping her to walk while turning to face her while saying something. The elderly woman has a walking stick.
Use your

Aged Care support plan

Use your Aged Care support plan to pay for your bookings.

Meredith, NSW

Like Family has the passionate care without the high price tag. Great value for money for genuine friendly care.

Frequently asked questions

We can offer more affordable rates because we specialise in social and community support (and don't offer medical and personal care). Our focus on community participation is designed to maximise the amount of care you receive, so you can set bigger and better goals for your Core Support and Capacity Building plans.

We aim to pay our Social Carers above industry rates because we value the work they do and want to attract the best people in the industry. View our Social Carer pay rates.

We want our pricing to be as simple as possible, which means no added fees. You only pay for the time you spend with your Social Carer.

You must make a booking of at least one hour.

Our hourly rates are the same regardless of which Social Carer you want to work with.

Our rates are the same regardless of what Activity you'd like to do. Our Social Carers can help with social support and community access, like exercise, meal preparation, transportation, and a companion for social events. If you're looking for personal care or medical care services, we'll connect you with our partner network.

Find the right support

Connect with reliable support workers who match your needs, interests and location. Join Like Family today!