Our Story

A group of around 50 people in mainly red shirts outside with their arms in the air.

Where it all began.

Mat, Jenna with Mat’s parents smiling in formal clothes

When Mat moved from Montreal to Sydney, he brought his parents along so he could support them. His dad was recovering from lung cancer while his mum was recuperating from the brain virus Encephalitis.

Busy with their day jobs, Mat and Jenna couldn’t be there to give his parents around-the-clock care. And it wasn’t medical care his parents needed — just assistance with getting around the neighbourhood, some good company, and social activities to help connect with their community. They needed someone like family, for when their family couldn’t be there.

Mat and Jenna in their Like Family shirts with trees behind them

What we believe in.

Two men giving each other a high five

Enjoying life together.

We believe the most effective way to end loneliness is connecting people in need with locals who care. Older people and those with disabilities can feel forgotten or undervalued in the community — it’s our job to let them know there’s nothing further from the truth.

Being sociable.

Human contact is the essential ingredient for delivering effective care. We are flexible with the forms of socialising we offer — be it indoors, outdoors as a group or one-on-ones — but it always feels like family.

A woman wearing a headscarf crosses the street with a member carrying a vision impairment cane.

Being accessible.

We believe in removing barriers to getting help wherever we can. Financially, we have an hourly flat rate and are NDIS-accredited. Culturally, we pair people with people they will connect with — be it disability, ethnicity, age or interest. Technologically, our design and communications are as simple as possible.

Being reliable.

We have structures in place to ensure reliability that we regularly discuss and educate the market on. We don’t just say we deliver peace of mind, we prove it.

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