Did you know that Like Family now offers sleepover support? We listened to feedback from our Members and their families who were looking for quality respite care or a little extra help during the night.

Like Family is passionate about being there for our Members when they need us, and so we have put together an affordable sleepover package so our Members can sleep soundly.

What is sleepover support?

Sleepover support, also known as overnight care, is an 8-10 hour booking that starts before midnight and finishes after midnight the following day.

  • It can start anytime after 7pm
  • Must be a minimum of 8 continuous hours
  • Includes 2 hours of active support
  • If an overnight booking starts before 7pm, the additional hours will be charged at that day's hourly rate + sleepover rate
  • If an overnight booking is longer than 10 hours, the additional hours will be charged at that day's hourly rate + sleepover rate

A Social Carer is allowed to sleep when they are not providing support.

Rest assured that every Like Family Social Carer who provides social support goes through a comprehensive vetting and onboarding process to ensure they meet our standards, including an online induction and all relevant industry checks.

3 benefits of sleepover support

There are many benefits to making a sleepover booking:

Providing respite for primary carers

One of the major benefits of Like Family’s sleepover support is the respite care it provides to family members and primary carers. For example, if your parents are ill and are living with you at your home, it can be difficult to attend functions such as Christmas parties when you know you may have to care for someone at some stage during the night. Or perhaps you are just after some much-needed rest and a night of uninterrupted sleep. Overnight home help for the elderly can be the perfect solution for those caregivers who need a short-term break, especially over the Christmas and New Year holiday season.

Never feel alone

If your family member or friend feels frightened or anxious at night when alone, overnight care might just be exactly what you are looking for. Attending events can seem impossible when leaving your loved one at home on their own during the night is not a realistic option. As a member with Like Family, you can choose to hire the same Social Carer if you or your loved one have already built a sense of trust and companionship with someone. Members may be more comfortable seeing a familiar face, particularly at night time (provided your selected Social Carer is available). If you have a situation that requires regular overnight care, you can have peace of mind as working with a regular Social Carer means no need to repeat the same instructions over again to different disability support workers every week! Like Family believes in building genuine companionship through reliable, dedicated support services.

Building independence

Like Family strives to improve well-being, independence and build relationships through shared interests. Those who feel vulnerable or lonely can potentially become less dependent on their primary carer (in the emotional sense) once they are more comfortable interacting with others outside their family sphere.

Access quality sleepover support with Like Family

Would you or a loved one feel more comfortable knowing you have support during the night when you need it most? With an average 4.7/5 star rating on Google, we offer fully-vetted Social Carers with a wide variety of skills across Australia. An NDIS registered provider, Like Family provides personalised non-medical care, matching Members with Social Carers in their local area who share their values and interests. Sign up now to try ten hours of overnight care.