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Looking for a job you genuinely enjoy?

Meet new people, make a difference and earn money while doing it.

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Why work with Like Family?
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Choose your own adventure.

Choose your hours, choose who you work with and choose the work you want to do. It’s that flexible.

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A fair hourly wage across the board.

All of our Social Carers are paid $32.20 per hour for one-on-one support.


Lend a helping hand.

Like Family is more than just a job. Build friendships, strengthen your community and improve people’s lives — including your own.

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Here’s how it works:

Sign up.

Your online application starts with a little quiz at sign up.

Tell us about yourself.

Once you’ve created an account (it only takes a few minutes), share a thing or two about you so we can get to know you.

Upload relevant documents.

To assist with our screening process, you’ll need a valid Australian Business Number (ABN)National Disability Insurance Scheme Worker Check and three reliable references.

Attend an induction.

Once your application has been approved, we’ll invite you to an online induction.

You’re off!

Once you’ve been approved, you’re Like Family and you can apply for Activities as they’re posted by Members.

What documents do I need for my application?

Frequently asked questions

Our Social Carers are self-employed. This means you’ll need a valid ABN and the right to work in Australia. Getting an ABN is free. Learn more

On February 1st 2021, the NDIS established a new workers check to create better protections for its participants. If you do not currently have one, you can learn how to apply for an NDIS workers checkhere, and submit this at a later stage. 

You’ll need to provide three references we can contact before we can approve your application. Learn more

What does the job involve?

You can pick and choose the jobs that you are interested in and people you feel comfortable with.

Frequently asked questions

As a Social Carer, you’ll connect with Members who are ill, injured, elderly or living with a disability. 

No. You don’t need previous experience to become a Social Carer. 

All Social Carers are paid $32.30 per hour for 1-on-1 support. 

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Valentina, Hero

“As well as gaining invaluable experience in interacting with people living with Autism, Schizophrenia, Aspergers and Dementia. I’ve been able to take home something else that I never expected and that’s an ability to find joy in the smallest of things.”

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