New video or phone bookings

A new way of connecting that allows our Members and Social Carers to maintain their social wellbeing and reach their goals, from home.
Make a video booking

Chat that goes where you go

We use technology to make it faster, easier, and more enjoyable to look after your health — make bookings over video chat. Use your preferred conferencing tool, such as FaceTime, GoogleDuo or Whatsapp.

What can you use video bookings for?

It’s up to your goals and imagination, you can be creative with it. Our resident member, Nathan alternates between exercise bookings and casual games and chats. Other members have received coaching in homework and casual one on one chats.

Make bookings same as usual

The process is still the same. Just tick the “video or phone” option on your booking. Discuss with your Social Carer which video conferencing tools, (for example FaceTime, Google Duo or Whatsapp) and whether your phone or computer is more suitable depending on what you’re going to do in your booking.

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Things you could do during a video booking

We’ve come up with some ideas, but just like your in-person bookings, this is really up to you and your Social Carer's own creativity.

Tutoring and homework

Get help with homework and tutoring for a range of subjects. Find a Hero with experience in tutoring and homework support.


Stuck indoors? No problem! Yoga, martial arts and non-equipment workouts are all ways to improve your fitness from the comfort of your own home. Find a Hero who has experience with exercise to guide you through a routine.


Arts and crafts are a great activity that can be enjoyed over video chat. Choose a theme you can try together, such as drawing a self-portrait or each other. Find a Hero with skills in this area to learn some new techniques.

Drama & theatre

If you are a keen actor, this is a great way to practice your lines, experiment with facial expressions, and get feedback on your performance. Why not try writing a play together?

Life skills

If you are looking to create goals, plan a budget or complete your resume, Social Carers can help via an online or video booking.

Watching a movie or tv series

Press ‘play’ at the same time, so you can see and hear each other’s reactions. Try on-demand platforms such as ABC iView, SBS on Demand or Netflix

"We use the phone as I have a vision impairment, but it's great to have a time to just talk, like we did before and tell each other what we've been up to... We have been able to continue with thinking of ways to work towards fulfilling my goals and just because of the isolation it doesn't have to stop. It's important to keep in contact with those who matter."

Brooke, Like Family Member