Whether you are a Support Coordinator searching for a client, or perhaps someone arranging home care assistance for a loved one, it can be hard to find the right person for your needs. It can then be especially frustrating having a support worker who turns up who is clearly just motivated by money. How do you ensure you find a carer who cares? What key personality traits should you look for?

6 qualities to look for:

1.       Reliable

Starting with one of the most basic yet essential characteristics in a carer, is finding someone who is reliable. This means a person is dependable and will consistently arrive on time and at the correct address when you need them. This is particularly vital for people who need help with transportation to events or appointments which have a specific start time, as well as for primary carers who need to leave for work and require support for their family member or friend.

2.       Trustworthy

Another crucial attribute is trustworthiness. Good support means someone who is honest, works with integrity and can be trusted to care for your loved one, and keep them safe from harm. While trust is built over time, it can be a source of reassurance for family and friends to know their loved one is being supported by someone who is trustworthy.

3.       Respectful

It is important to find someone who respects you and your culture, respects your feelings, and empathises with your struggles or pain. Each Like Family Social Carer goes through a rigorous vetting and onboarding process to ensure they are respectful and meet our standards, including; An online values test, a face-to-face interview, an onboarding session, reference checks and police checks. Social Carers are also required to obtain a Working With Children Check when working with people under the age of 18. Become a member to choose a carefully screened Social Carer who is right for you.

4.       Patient

Patience is a virtue for anyone seeking support, but it is especially valuable for Parkinson’s care, people with dementia or someone who has a physical disability. Home care assistance can be far more enjoyable for someone who needs support, when they are with a person who is patient, calm and doesn’t get anxious or stressed repeating themselves, or when something takes a little longer than usual.

5.       Positive and Supportive

If you or a loved one are looking to find a carer who cares, a key indicator of this is someone who has a positive and supportive mindset, to help motivate you and encourage you to reach your goals. For example, our Social Carers can help members with their resume, and teach them how to prepare meals. Social Carers have skills they are willing to share, and understand the importance of achieving goals. Learning life skills can build independence, which can be an important factor in an individual’s sense of happiness.

6.       Passionate about Making a Difference in the Community

Passion and a drive to make a positive impact in the community is perhaps the most valuable personality trait of them all as it can’t be taught, it sets someone apart. Like Family is on a mission to end social isolation and loneliness in the community, by recruiting passionate everyday people (incredible people), who are looking to build meaningful connections and companionship, to help others to develop their skills, and to have fun! During our onboarding process, all Social Carers are carefully screened to ensure their motivations, attitudes and values meet our standards, so our Members can be assured that any Social Carer they meet is with them for the right reasons. Sign up as a Member now and post your first mission to be matched with a local Social Carer who aligns with your interests, and see for yourself why we have received over 100 5-star ratings on Google.