Not sure what a Social Carer is? Social Carers are not support workers, they are everyday people (incredible people) who are looking to make a difference in the community they live in and have been thoroughly vetted by Like Family. Social Carers are not volunteers, and are not Like Family employees - they are paid $31.20 per hour (for one-on-one support) for their time in a self-employed capacity with their own individual ABN. Here are five reasons to become a Social Carer:

1. Earn Money with Fun, Rewarding Work

Helping someone who needs some extra companionship or disability support is some of the most rewarding work available. Activities could be anything from helping someone write their resume, playing chess, teaching someone to cook a new recipe, going for a beach walk, right through to playing Tennis or Piano.

2. Work in Your Local Area

Like Family has Social Carers based throughout the greater Sydney area, Wollongong and the Illawarra region, Newcastle and the Central Coast of NSW. Social Carers are matched with Members in their local area, so there are no long commute times!

3. Completely Flexible Work

Social Carers are completely independent. You choose the hours and days you work, the Activities you do and the Members you want to work with.

4. Meet New People & Make New Friends

When you become a Social Carer, you are joining a community of like-minded people. You can join in with Like Family events, meet a wide variety of new people and make genuine long-lasting friendships.

5. Helps Make Your Community a More Connected, Better Place to Live

Becoming a Social Carer, hearing the stories of our Members and getting to know them can change your perspective on life. Like Family is on a mission to end loneliness, and we need you to help us make our community a more connected. Help us make the world a better place to live in the future by supporting those who are feeling lonely for any reason such as disability, illness or ageing.

How do you become a Social Carer? Here are the steps;

1. Sign Up – Begin your online application with some basic information such as name, email, suburb and by taking a short quiz

2. Tell Us About Yourself – Create an account with some more details about yourself, your skills and your interests, so you can be matched with someone who has similar interests to you. It only takes few minutes to complete this online.

3. Upload Documents – As Social Carers are self-employed, you’ll need to upload your Valid Australian Business Number (ABN). You will also need a National Police Check that is less than two years old, which can be arranged with our pre-approved provider if you don’t have one. Plus, you will need to provide three reliable references in order for your profile to be approved.

4. Attend an Induction – You will be invited to attend a face-to-face induction once your profile is approved, either at a location near you or via a video call.

5. Apply for Activities – Job posts (called Activities) are made by Members who are looking for support and companionship. You can apply for any that interest you.

6. Meet and Greet – Meeting Members face-to-face is a great way to see if you’re compatible, after which you can decide if you would like to work with them in future.

Join Like Family today!

Becoming a Social Carer is some of the most rewarding work available, and has positively changed the lives of so many supportive people in our community.

If you would like to sign up as a Social Carer and provide support and companionship to those in need of assistance, click here to start your journey to becoming a Social Carer!