If you're thinking about becoming a disability support worker in Australia, you should consider getting an NDIS Worker Screening Check! This is a national assessment of whether someone who works, or wants to work, with people with disability poses any sort of risk to them.

Registered NDIS providers, such as Like Family, can only engage with disability support workers who have been cleared to do certain "risk assessed" roles. This means getting an NDIS Worker Screening Check is a great way to access more work opportunities, as well as show potential clients that you are a safe and trustworthy person to work with.

So if you're ready to apply for your NDIS Worker Screening Check, read on to find it what the process involves, and how it differs from state to state.

What is an NDIS Worker Screening Check?

The NDIS Worker Screening Check commenced in February 2021, so it's still relatively new! It aims to set a minimum standard for all support workers across Australia who have "risk assessed" roles (more on that in a bit).

Every Australian state and territory has its own Worker Screening Unit who are responsible for processing NDIS Worker Screening Check applications. They undertake a risk assessment to figure out whether an applicant is cleared or excluded from a certain role.

As part of this process, they'll look at an applicant's:

  • criminal history
  • workplace misconduct
  • AVOS
  • past employment
  • juvenile offences
  • and anything else that may cause you to be a risk to people with disability

As you can see, it's more comprehensive than a Police Check!

Who needs an NDIS Worker Screening Check?

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If you work or volunteer for an NDIS registered provider in a risk assessed role, you must have an NDIS Worker Screening Check. This includes people who are:

  • involved in the direct delivery of specific supports or services to people with disability
  • likely to require "more than incidental contact" with people with disability (this includes contact that takes place in person, over the phone and electronically)
  • key personnel of a company e.g. the CEO

How can I apply for an NDIS Worker Screening Check?

The process of applying for an NDIS Worker Screening Check will differ according to the state or territory in which you are located. Here's a quick breakdown of the requirements and application costs for the states that Like Family operates in.

New South Wales

NSW uses the term NDIS worker check, or NDISWC for short. It can be obtained through Service NSW for $80.

As part of the 3-step application process, you will need to provide 4 current and original documents from 3 categories. You will be required to visit your local service centre at some stage during your application, but you can begin the process online.


In Victoria, the screening check is just called the NDIS check. It will cost you a total of $123.20 and can be applied for entirely online via Service Victoria.

To apply, you'll need to verify your identity, submit identification documents, provide your work details, and consent to the check. Your NDIS check application will then need to be verified by the employer you nominated in your application.

Victoria has a "no clearance, no start" approach to NDIS checks, which means you will be prohibited from being employed by a registered NDIS provider in a risk assessed role unless you have an NDIS clearance or are subject to a transitional arrangement.


Queensland has two disability-related clearances:

  • NDIS worker screening clearance: to provide NDIS supports and services
  • Queensland disability worker screening clearance: to provide non-NDIS related supports and services

If you wish to work with people with disability under the age of 18, you can complete a combined application for your NDIS worker screening clearance and your Blue Card. This will cost $153 for both, or $138 if you just need the NDIS clearance.

The application process can be done completely online via the Disability Worker Screening website. Make sure to check your eligibility first and have your customer reference number handy.

South Australia

Like NSW, South Australia also uses the term NDIS worker check. The application costs $125.40 and can be applied for via the DHS Screening website entirely online.

You can apply for multiple checks in the same application, which is handy if you'd like to obtain a Working With Children Check.

As part of the application process, you'll need to provide 100 points of ID and your residential address history for the past 5 years

What information do I need for my NDIS Worker Screening Check application?

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When you apply for your NDIS Worker Screening Check, you'll be asked for your employer's details. If you want to become a Like Family support worker, you can list us as an employer and use the details below.

Just keep in mind that you are an independent contractor, and that any other checks you apply for will not be attached to Like Family.

  • Our NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission number: 4-3LLK-349
  • Our name: Home Care Heroes Pty Ltd trading as Like Family
  • Address: Please enter your residential address as you are an independent contractor

In addition to the above, you will need to provide certain documentation to prove your identity. These requirements will depend on the state or territory you reside in.

I've applied. What happens next?

It may take days or even several weeks for your state's Screening Unit to process your application, so please be patient!

If you have been cleared, you will be notified via email and/or mail. You will then be able to start supporting NDIS participants (unless you have other requirements to fulfil).

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