If you have recently completed the induction and come on board as a new Social Carer, congratulations and welcome to the family! Social Carers are incredible people who are looking to provide companionship and make a positive change in their community. Becoming a Social Carer provides far more than just flexible, local work with a good hourly pay rate. Helping people achieve their goals is one of the most rewarding experiences in life! Here are a few important reminders and tips to get you started.

Before Your Profile is Activated

Finalise Your Profile

Completing your profile includes ensuring that your Police Check and ABN number have been applied for and uploaded correctly, providing your account number and BSB, and adding in your two character and one employment references. Making a great first impression and establishing expectations for Members is really important, so make sure you invest time into perfecting your Social Carer profile. Don’t be shy - your skills, experience and personality need to shine through as best as possible! Read our checklist for creating a profile that stands out for more info.

Provide Three References

As we mention above, in the references section of your profile, you'll need to provide two character references and one employment reference. We have sent you an email asking for these references, and at least two of these need to respond to us before we can activate your profile. Make sure the emails that you provide are correct, otherwise notify us if you change the details for one of your references, so that we know to send them an email.

Complete Module 6 of The Social Carer Academy

The Social Carer Academy is a series of training modules that once complete, will appear on your Social Carer profile and provide a competitive advantage. It ensures that you are well prepared for the work you are about to engage in. The first 5 modules can be worked through in your own time, but the sixth module is COVID-19 training. As support workers, you need to have completed a coronavirus training and score 80% before you can be put to work with members of our community. This is so that we can make sure that both you and our Members are safe!

Connect With Us On Social Media

We would love it if you could look us up on social media and follow all of our social pages. We also recommend that you join a Facebook group called Support Space. This is a Facebook group created to become a community. As an organisation, we take a stand against any form of social isolation, including among our Social Carers. Working alone in this particular industry may be a bit of an adjustment for you, and this group's aim is to provide support workers with a safe space to discuss issues, get ideas and receive help from others in the same position.

After Your Profile is Activated

Download the Mobile App

Having the Like Family mobile app installed helps you out in a number of ways. For example, it is much more practical to confirm your hours with the Member and complete bookings using the app; allowing you to do so quickly, rather than needing to wait. You will need to complete your booking, in order for your payment to be processed!

Befriend Other Social Carers in Your Area

When you are friends with other Social Carers based in the same area as you, not only are you making new friends (already a win), but you also then both have the benefit of being a backup for each other. Clients value continuity of care, so having a backup Social Carer that your client is confident in will provide a safety net for everyone, in case someone is on holidays, has other commitments, or cannot attend a mission for whatever reason.

Notify Members When You Aren't Able to Continue Working With Them

As we touched on above, it is really important for you to let Members know in advance if you are unable to work with them anymore. If you need to cancel more than one booking, please find another Social Carer to take your place - or contact the Like Family team so that they can contact someone else. Some Members have high needs, and it can take time to arrange a replacement!

Smile and Have Fun

Being a Social Carer is about helping people achieve their goals, making them feel comfortable and supported by someone with similar interests, and having a great time together. Remember to smile, have fun, and listen to your client for their thoughts and needs. For tips around communicating with a friend, client or customer who has a disability, check out our article on disability etiquette.

Already a Social Carer? If you would like more information about getting set up as a Social Carer and being ready for missions, make sure to check out the help centre here.

Are you considering becoming a Social Carer? Like Family is on a mission to end loneliness and build more inclusive communities. Come join us on our mission and you could change people’s lives for the better – as well as yours! Here is a link for additional information on becoming a Social Carer.

Are you a new Social Carer based in Victoria? As of Wednesday 5th August, in order to continue your in-person bookings it is important to wear a mask and complete and hold a permitted worker permit, as this is required for independent contractors. It is the responsibility of Social Carers to complete and carry this permit with them at all times when completing a booking. Click here for more information.

Are you looking for a Social Carer for yourself or a loved one? With an affordable flat rate of $42 per hour including weekends and public holidays, NDIS-approved provider Like Family has a wide range of thoroughly-vetted Social Carers to choose from throughout the greater Sydney region, Wollongong and the Illawarra, Newcastle and the Central Coast of NSW along with Victorian Social Carers too. There are a wide range of skillsets to choose from, so you can find someone with similar interests to you as well as the experience you need. Sign up as a Member now and discover why we have received over ninety 5-star ratings on Google reviews!

Need someone to answer your questions? Call our friendly customer service team from Monday-Friday 8am-6pm on 1800 545 332 (live chat available outside these hours).