Are you preparing for your first Meet and Greet as a Social Carer (support worker)?

A Meet and Greet is more than just an introduction; it's the beginning of a meaningful relationship built on trust and empathy. It will allow you and your Like Family Member to break the ice, learn about each other's interests and hobbies, and see if you'll be a great fit.

You only get paid for the first hour of a Meet and Greet, so turn up early and use your time wisely! It is your responsibility as a Social Carer to ensure you do not go over the allocated hour unless receiving approval from the Member directly.

To ensure your Meet and Greet gets off to a smooth start, here are some questions you can prepare in advance...

1. Tell me about yourself

Start with this easy, open-ended question. This will help your Member get comfortable by talking about their interests, hobbies, and why they joined Like Family. It may also be an easier way for them to talk about any disabilities, illnesses or injuries they have without you asking directly.

Make sure to respond with a short description about yourself, your passions and why you decided to become a support worker.

2. What goals are you working towards?

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Understanding your Member's aspirations and goals is crucial for providing effective support. It will help you see the bigger picture, and figure out how you can make a meaningful impact in their life.

Find out what activities they want to try, or skills they want to learn, then talk about how you can help them work towards those goals.

For instance, many of our Members want to get out and about in the community more. You could discuss what places they're interested in visiting, and what forms of transport you'd use to get there.

3. What type of support do you require?

Asking about a Member's support requirements is a crucial but sometimes difficult question to ask — some people may be reluctant to disclose details about their disability or health condition, particular with a stranger! However, having a good understanding of your Member and their unique needs will help you provide the best support possible.

Here are some ways you can ask about their needs in a considerate way:

  • What does a typical day look like for you?
  • Do you have any specific triggers or sensitivities I should be aware of?
  • What are your likes and dislikes?
  • How can I best support you?
  • What support have you found most helpful in the past?

Try to gather as much information as necessary. For example, if a Member would like domestic assistance, clarify what type of cleaning they need - do they just need a hand unloading the dishwasher, or do they want you to vacuum and mop the floors too?

4. When do you require support?

Typically, Meet and Greets are organised by Members who are looking for ongoing support. So it's a good idea to discuss what days and times they would like support and how long a shift will typically go for.

You should also discuss any future changes in availability. For example, if you need to take time off for uni exams or to go on holidays, let your Member know.

Also, check if they work with any other Social Carers — this will come in handy if you need someone to cover your shift!

5. Who covers expenses?

Some bookings will involve payments and expenses. These could be for fun things, like movie tickets, or for less fun things, like parking fees.

It's a good idea to discuss who will pay for these expenses in advance (rather than after the fact). Some Members will be happy to cover all expenses, while others may not have the means to.

If your Member has a Companion Card, you can get free entry to multiple venues as their Carer. Find out where you can use a Companion Card.

Not all Members have funding for transport included in their NDIS plan. This means it's important to discuss things like:

  • if they would prefer you to use toll versus non-toll roads during bookings
  • how they would like to handle transport-related expenses like parking fees. If their NDIS plan doesn't cover it, they may prefer to pay for this themselves. If their plan does cover it, they may prefer the Carer to pay for it and then claim it as additional km's travelled.

Like Family Social Carers can claim $0.90 per kilometre for transport during a booking if this has been agreed to by their Member (but not for transport to and from a booking).

6. Do you have any questions for me?

Open the floor for any questions or concerns your Member may have. This will help you cover any additional topics, like what qualifications and previous experience you have, and how you would respond to certain scenarios.

Good luck!

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We hope you feel prepared for your Meet and Greet! If you want to learn more about how to be a good Social Carer, be sure to check out our Help Centre articles or reach out to our Customer Care team at

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