Do you have a Companion Card, but aren't sure where you can use it? Then keep reading!

The Companion Card program lets you bring a buddy to thousands of venues across Australia without paying for a second ticket. This companion could be a family member, friend or even a disability support worker. It's a fantastic incentive to try new activities and participate in your community.

If you don't have a Companion Card, check out our blog article on eligibility and how to apply for one.

Here are some of our favourite picks across Australia. If you have any other recommendations, tell us in the comments section!

Raging Waters Sydney (NSW)

A colourful water slide that ends in a swimming pool
Photo by AquaVera / Unsplash

Previously called Wet 'n' Wild, Raging Waters is a family-friendly water park in Western Sydney. There are so many new slides to try, including the world's tallest SkyCoaster and a beach. This is the best place to be in the warmer months for a splash!

Any Raging Water guests with a Companion Card is entitled to a free companion ticket. They also offer accessibility rates to those with a Carer's card.

Hoyts, Events and Indie Cinemas (all states)

Have a new movie on your bucket list? Whether it's a blockbuster or indie film, your Companion Card will allow you to bring a guest along for free. Now the only thing left to do is grab a bucket of popcorn and your favourite drink to enjoy a movie.

Check your state's directory before booking as not every cinema location may be included!

Brisbane Arts Theatre (QLD)

Lights, camera, action! Enter the world of live performance at the Brisbane Arts Theatre, featuring performances from Shakespeare to Disney musicals. There is also a bar to grab a drink and snack with your buddy! Each theatre has designated wheelchair accessible seats in the front row.

To book your next show, simply head to their ticket booth or give them a ring and purchase tickets via the phone with their helpful staff. Make sure to mention you have a Companion Card!

The silhouettes of 3 people acting in front of a red curtain
Photo by Kyle Head / Unsplash

Enjoy a quiet day out at the GoMA Gallery and enjoy their collection of modern art. There are also guided tours for their different collections and live performances to enjoy. If you're an art fanatic, pencil in a day to visit!

As a Companion Card holder, you'll not only get a complimentary ticket for your guest, you'll also get access to a concession-priced ticket!

Luna Park (NSW & VIC)

Want to hitch a ride on the Big Dipper or take to the skies in a Moon Balloon? Lucky for you, both Sydney and Melbourne's famous Luna Parks welcome guests with disability. Those with a valid Companion Card can get a free rides pass for their carer.

Fitness and Leisure Centres (all states)

Are you a weekly gym junkie? Many gyms such as Fitness First, and local leisure centres accept the Companion Card. Take this opportunity to grab an accountability buddy and achieve your fitness goals together!

A group of women doing yoga on pink mats
Photo by bruce mars / Unsplash

Ace Karts Go-Karting (VIC)

Get your helmets on because things are about to speed up! Ace Karts is the perfect weekend hangout. If you're the competitive type, you can book races against your friends and family or other fellow go-karters.

Any Companion Card holders are entitled to a complimentary drive.

Bowling Alleys (all states)

Practice your swings and get that strike at your next game! Venues like Strike Bowling and Zone Bowling accept Companion Cards and offer a free game to any accompanying carers. Some venues also offer a discount to people with disability.

Check out your state's venue directory to find your nearest one!

A ten pin bowling pin and ball
Photo by Eva Andria / Unsplash

Other activities

Didn't see something you liked in this blog? No sweat!

Each state has their own website where you can discover participating venues in your local area. You can filter through the types of activities you'd like to do, such as movies, theme parks, fitness centres or museums.

Bring a Like Family Social Carer with you!

Found your next adventure or chill day out? Like Family's Social Carers are the perfect buddies for using your Companion Card at your next activity. We focus on social and community support, so you are guaranteed to have some fun!

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