Services for the elderly living at home, disability support providers and companionship services, - they’re all the same, right? No! This could not be further from the truth. If you are feeling disheartened from past experiences or anxious about getting started for the first time, we’re here to let you know that how people choose to receive support is changing, and Like Family is different from other support providers. We are here to change the industry as you know it.

What is Like Family?

Like Family is passionate about ending loneliness for any reason, such as disability, illness or ageing, with a desire to harness the power of human connection to build more inclusive communities for the future. We strive towards this by providing companionship and non-medical support services.

For example, you could hire a Social Carer to spent time with your elderly relative doing the gardening, help them with groceries, picking up prescriptions or transport to appointments, or take your loved one with a disability to the movies and out into the community.

We also help people reach their goals such as helping someone write their resume, practicing their speech and becoming more comfortable socialising, exercising like yoga classes, and learning new skills such as a new language or a new musical instrument – basically anything you’d like to learn!

We hand pick our Social Carers

Another reason why Like Family is different from many other providers is that we are quite selective about who we choose to join our community as a Social Carer. Our Social Carers are not in this for the money, they are everyday people (incredible people) who are looking to make a positive difference in the world and change someone’s life for the better. Our Social Carers come from a wide range of background and experiences, meaning as a Like Family member you have a breadth of skillsets to choose from.

Our Social Carers are passionate about improving people’s independence, wellbeing and creating genuine friendships. To facilitate companionship, Like Family’ expert team matches the interests and values of our Members with like-minded Social Carers in their local area who have the specific skills they need. We want both our Social Carers and Members to enjoy their experience together and look forward to spending more time together!

All Social Carers have been thoroughly vetted and have undergone a careful screening process to ensure their attitudes and motivations meet our standards. This process includes but is not limited to an online values test, Police checks, Working with Children checks (if the Social Carer will be working with people under the age of 18 years), multiple reference checks as well as an in-person onboarding session.

We offer simple, affordable rates

An NDIS-approved provider, Like Family offers a competitive flat rate of $46 per hour, so you can fit more hours of support within your budget and reach your individual goals faster. While our Social Carers are not necessarily nurses or support workers, but can work alongside these agencies to ensure you or your loved one receives the tailored level of support you need.

We have Social Carers based throughout New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Join Like Family today

So do we practice what we preach? Just ask one of our happy customers – we have over eighty 5-star reviews on Google reviews!

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