Anyone who currently utilises a disability support worker or services for elderly living at home, may already understand that good support can be hard to find. Are all home care services the same? Her are a few advantages of finding a good quality, NDIS-approved companionship service.

Build Genuine Friendships

Like Eleanor Roosevelt once famously said, “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart”. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of a good companionship service is the ability to build genuine friendships. Rather than being sent just any support worker and seeing a different face each week, a personalised service that matches you or your loved one with someone in your local area who shares similar interests to you allows for genuine companionship - especially when you can choose to see the same person on a regular basis.

Develop Greater Independence

A good companionship service has the wellbeing of members at the core of everything they do. When a person who has been feeling lonely suddenly builds a relationship of trust and shared passions with someone friendly and new, and then becomes more comfortable interacting with others generally, they may start to be less emotionally dependent on their primary carer.  An increased sense of independence can be an important factor in someone’s overall happiness.

Learn New Skills

Beyond just providing companionship in its literal sense, added benefits of a good home care assistance service are that it offers opportunities for you or your loved one to achieve goals and learn new skills. Our Social Carers can enhance all sorts of skill areas, such as speech, sports, cooking and technology to name a few! Enrich your life by learning and experiencing new things, and opening up opportunities to interact with community groups.

Support That’s Thoroughly Vetted and Carefully Screened

A good companionship service will use a rigorous vetting process to ensure that support workers have appropriate values and are the right fit for those who may need assistance. This can include an online values test, ideally a face-to-face interview, an onboarding session and well as reference checks and police checks.

Reassurance for Primary Carers and Support Coordinators

In its very definition, respite care gives a much-needed break to caregivers. But how can a primary carer rest if they are constantly worried about their loved one and the person providing assistance? Using good quality, reputable companionship services means that caregivers can have peace of mind knowing that their friend or family is being supported by a trustworthy, reliable local who has been carefully screened by the service provider.

End Loneliness and Boost Motivation

Loneliness is unfortunately quite common in our society, experienced by one in four Australians who report feeling lonely three or more days per week. Genuine friendships and companionship can help to erase feelings of loneliness, and can give an added boost to the motivation needed to achieve personal goals.

Find the right support with Like Family

Looking for a good NDIS companionship service? Like Family has over 50 five-star reviews, and is on a mission to end loneliness and social isolation due to illness, disability and ageing. We believe in building more inclusive communities throughout Australia via the power of human connection, and match our Members with Social Carers in their local area who have similar interests to them. Like Family uses a rigorous vetting process, is NDIS-approved, with affordable hourly flat rates. Sign up now!