Are you looking for a summer adventure that combines fun, accessibility, and new friends? Why not try an NDIS 1:2 or 1:3 group booking with Like Family!

This is where 1 Social Carer (support worker) teams up with 2 or 3 Members to enjoy the same activity together. It's a great way to:

  • save on supports, since you share the cost of a Social Carer with other Members (plus, your Social Carer gets paid more!)
  • meet new people with similar interests, who may turn into lifelong friends
  • try activities that are better enjoyed with more people, like team sports and game nights
  • enjoy more personalised support than larger group bookings

In this blog, we'll give you some ideas of what you can do together as a group this summer, and how to go about creating a booking. Let's get into it!

6 fun group activity ideas

Whether you're into outdoor adventures or laid-back leisure, we've got something to suit everyone.

1. Visit a theme park

3 men standing in front of Raging Waters Sydney

While we may not have a Disneyland, Australia is still home to some pretty incredible theme parks — there's Raging Waters in Western Sydney, the two Luna Parks in Sydney and Melbourne, and the different "worlds" on the Gold Coast (like Dreamworld, Sea World and Movie World).

You and your friends can verse each other at dodgem cars, take a trip on the Ferris Wheel, and enjoy a round of fairy floss afterwards.

When it comes to accessibility, it varies from theme park to theme park. Most are part of the Companion Card program, which allows you to bring a carer with you for free. Some, like Dreamworld, have a visual story on their website to help you prepare for your big day out.

2. Go on a bushwalk

There's so much to love about hiking: beautiful scenery, fresh air, no entry fee, and the opportunity to get some serious steps in. You also don't need any experience or special equipment to get started!

Be sure to choose a track that is accessible, has good views and suits everyone's fitness ability. Bonus points if it's a loop track, so you don't have to repeat your journey!

View our top accessible bushwalk tracks for inspo!

3. Host a games night

More of an indoors type of person? Why not do a games night! Whether you're into Dungeons and Dragons, Catan or good ol' Scrabble, this is the perfect activity to enjoy with other Like Family Members.

You can meet up at a place like Fortress (which has a stack of popular games to borrow), a Member's house, or even host your games night online to be extra COVID-safe.

4. Enjoy an arts & craft session

The festive season is the perfect time to enjoy arts & craft with friends. You could decorate gingerbread houses, make a Christmas wreath for your front door, or create decorations to hang on the tree. Shops like Kmart often sell starter kits so you don't have to hunt for all the materials from scratch.

Outside of Christmas, you could try a pottery class together or a paint & sip session. It's up to you and your imagination!

5. Play (or watch) your favourite team sport

A Like Family Social Carer with 2 Members playing tennis

While it's fun to kick a ball around with your Social Carer, having 1 or 2 extra people around truly opens you up to a world of sporting possibilities. Head down to your nearest park or community centre to play basketball, tennis, cricket, or even ultimate frisbee.

If you're more into watching sports, why not go watch it live with other Members? Hopefully they support the same team as you🤞.

6. Stuck for ideas? Check out Created by Carers

In case you haven't heard, Like Family Social Carers can now create their own Activities. This is a cool way to connect with new Carers who share similar interests to you (and even other Members).

Here are some fantastic Activities posted recently:

  • Enjoy an afternoon walk along the beach with Ross
  • See the Taylor Swift Eras Movie with Emily
  • Play golf at Mona Vale with Richard
  • Learn Henna Art with Amira
  • Go Christmas Shopping with Peter
  • Play D&D with Megan

You can apply to these Activities via the "Created by Carers" tab on the Activities page (via the Like Family dashboard).

Create an NDIS group booking today

Sunset Bromance
Photo by Toa Heftiba / Unsplash

If trying new things and meeting new people are on your summer bucket list, then group bookings are for you!

They're more affordable than 1:1 supports, which means you can get more hours out of your NDIS budget.

Service Hourly rate per Member
1:1 support weekdays $55.00
1:1 support weekends $74.00
1:2 support weekdays $32.73
1:2 support weekends & PHs $46.06
1:3 support weekdays $21.82
1:3 support weekends & PHs $30.70

Just ask your Social Carer to arrange a booking for you, or reach out to our friendly Customer Care team on 1800 545 332 or and they'll get you sorted in no time.

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