A Meet & Greet provides the opportunity for you to meet a Member and their Support Circle. Their Support Circle may include their family and friends, a Support Coordinator, Social Worker or Case Manager.

During a Meet & Greet, you are able to get to know the Member, ask plenty of questions, and potentially arrange the finer details of bookings before they begin. For example, you could discuss the organisation of extra expenses and transport, and the times and days your client will be requiring supports on an ongoing basis.

Likewise, it provides the Member with the opportunity to make sure that you are the right fit for them. It prevents any surprises on the day of your first booking and ensures that you get off to a great start together!

A Meet & Greet is not compulsory, but highly recommended for long-term bookings. Meet & Greets generally occur at the Members' home, workplace or a public location such as a coffee shop. They can also be done via phone or online.

You are not paid for a Meet & Greet, so we recommend that you keep them within 15-30 minutes in length.

How can I prepare for a Meet & Greet?

  • Dress code: There is no need to “suit-up.” We would recommend completing Module 3 of the Social Carer Academy, which includes some suggestions as to appropriate outfits.
  • Research: If the Member has mentioned their interests, passions or primary disability, research them and learn as much as you can! This way, you will be prepared to ask and answer questions.
  • Emergency contact: Make sure that you have a contact number of the Member or primary contact beforehand.
  • How and where: Don’t forget to confirm the meeting location and if it's in person or phone/online.

We hope that this info helps you prepare for your next Meet & Greet. Let us know if you have any questions!