Introduced in 2013, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) continues to be rolled out across Australia. It can be confusing to understand and navigate, especially in regards to reflecting on your own (or your family member's) personal experience and what support could help.

If you are looking for a disability support worker, here is our guide on how to make the most of the NDIS for your needs.

Check if you're eligible for the NDIS

The very first step is to check if you are eligible to access NDIS funding. You are eligible if you are:

·       an Australian citizen or resident or permanent visa holder, and

·       under 65 years of age, and

·       meet the disability or early intervention requirements.

Visit for more information on eligibility. It’s also beneficial to understand the basics about what the NDIS can fund and how it works.

Think about what goals you want to achieve

Everyone is different in how they need support. Essentially, the challenge is being able to describe your current experience, to champion yourself and communicate this in a way that properly represents yourself, especially if you have relied for so long upon the help of friends and family to do this on your behalf.

Have a think about how you can accurately describe what is holding you back from your goals and what kind of support it is that you need in order to achieve your full potential and to regularly be a part of your community.

What obstacles do you often face, and how does this affect you? What would help you interact with your community? What would help you on a daily basis to participate in activities? What assistance would improve your quality of life?

Write down your experiences

Collate your thoughts and write down or somehow make a record of the details of your experience in a way that would help someone who has never met you understand your perspective. After all, a panel of people who have never met you will be evaluating your submission for funding, and need an accurate account of your daily life and vision for the future.

Find the right NDIS provider

The NDIS aims to give the choice and control of care in the hands of those who need help, empowering them to make their own decisions on the best support providers. Once you have your NDIS funding confirmed, the final piece of the puzzle is to find the best provider to suit your needs. This might involve research into the different types of care that are available in your area and then formulating a plan of action based on selecting the right support worker for you to achieve your goals.

Like Family is an NDIS registered provider, on a mission to end social isolation and give everyone the opportunity to achieve their full potential via the power of human connection and community encouragement. If you or your loved one are looking for companionship and/or personalised non-medical care services, sign up now to choose a Social Carer in your local area who aligns with your interests and skill requirements.