Having a great profile as a support worker (or as we call them, Social Carer) is very important. It will allow you to stand out, connect with the right Members and increase your chances of getting work!

If you've just become a support worker with Like Family (or another disability and aged care provider), here are some tips to on how to write a great profile.

1. Upload a friendly profile picture

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The first thing a Member will look at when you create your support worker profile is your profile picture. You want to come across as someone who is trustworthy and reliable as well as showing some personality.

What to do

  • Upload a photo that makes you look approachable, welcoming and friendly
  • Make sure your whole face can be seen
  • Showcase something you love. For example, if you love the outdoors, use a picture where you are out in nature

What NOT to do

  • Avoid dark or poor lighting
  • Do not choose a photo in which you are wearing sunglasses or swimwear
  • Don’t post a photo of you with other people. Members want to see exactly who they will be working with

2. Write a clear, unique bio

Your support worker bio is the most important part of your profile. What you write here can determine whether a Member reaches out to you or not. First impressions matter!

It should be at least 1 paragraph long, and cover your passions, skills and why you decided to become a support worker.

Some other tips to consider:

  • Write in first person e.g. "I am interested in..."
  • Use an opening line that immediately conveys who you are e.g. "My name is Max and I'm a 23-year-old uni student with a passion for social care"
  • Mention any unique skills or achievements
  • Check your writing for any spelling or grammar mistakes

3. Add any relevant qualifications or experience

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Our Members value support workers who are trustworthy and reliable. Sharing your qualifications, skills and experience is important for establishing trust from the beginning. If you have experience in disability, aged care or domestic assistance, be sure to mention it!

However, this section should not be limited to your educational qualifications. You may have lived experience of disability, a volunteering role that required strong people skills, or been a primary carer for a loved one.

4. Showcase your hobbies

The last thing you should include in your profile is a list of your hobbies. Make sure you are honest in this section as Members will seek out support worker who have similar interests (like a sport-loving person to take them to an NRL game).

Be sure to include any interesting hobbies and interests that you have, like surfing, knitting or birdwatching. This will make your profile stand out!

5. Regularly update your availability

While your bio and profile picture won't need to be updated often, your availability section will.

You should aim to update your availability on a weekly basis so Members don't message you when you are unavailable to work. If you are at capacity, please set your profile to unavailable.

Learn how to update your availability

Examples of great profiles

Still not sure what to write? Here are a few profiles of other support workers for inspiration!

Social Carer Philip's profile
Social Carer Melissa's profile

Become a Like Family support worker

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