Last year our member Tina achieved a goal she had been working towards for 24 years with Like Family. For which for some might be an everyday occurrence but for her was a blessing.

Tina has been diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This makes it very difficult for her to bush walk or go out in nature. Due to the recent Naturally Accessible Project, Like Family was able to organise a Trail Rider for Tina to help Tina achieve her goal.

1. Why is it so important being outside in nature?

I spend every day of my life a prisoner in my unit, I wish people could comprehend what that would be like. I have always been an outside person, since I became sick with ME/CFS. I have become so debilitated that I am housebound most of the time. I crave the open, to feel and breath fresh air, to not have to look at four walls, to be able see light and colour, to see the beauty of nature. To me nature is my temple, my church, it’s where I feel at home at peace, to not be able to access it is very painful to me. Also when I’m in nature I feel rejuvenated, It makes me feel good, alive.

2. Why is this one of your top goals?

I have been sick and disabled for 24 years, the last 16 years with severe ME/CFS. For the longest time I thought I would get better, then I would go bushwalking again. That hasn’t happened and I can’t wait anymore to live my life I have to find a way to enjoy life now. Thank goodness someone designed the TraiRider and to those who are willing to help me use it.

3. How has Like Family helped you achieve this?

Without HCH I would be still stuck in my prison. With the help of Taryn organising Social Carers and arranging the booking of the TraiRider chair; I was finally able to do the walk and see something which I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

4. How did you feel after the day knowing you achieved your goal?

I was so happy I felt like I was flying high! I almost felt like it was a dream. I was so grateful to all the Social Carers for their huge efforts in pushing the TraiRider, for being so friendly and making me feel okay being pushed in the chair. It’s not always easy to accept help I’ve always been very independent, so sometimes I feel like a burden. But they were all so gracious and helped me feel at ease even though I know they had to work hard physically to push the TraiRider.

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