First of all, what exactly is a ‘side hustle’? A term coined by the millennial generation, a side hustle is any form of employment that is conducted in addition to your existing work or study. Mostly freelance in nature, side hustles provide a supplemental income and are becoming an increasing trend with young people, stay-at-home mums and those who have recently retired. But what if you could make a difference to people’s lives AND get paid? In no particular order, here are five side hustles that you can feel good about:

1.       Teach Online

In our digital age, students are connecting with teachers all over the world in any subject. Many online teaching platforms have recently launched such as Udemy, where you can create a course around your own topic including quizzes, tasks and assignments to make it interactive. In your own time and from your own home, you can share your knowledge to help people learn new skills, further develop their careers or engage with topics that interest them.

2.       Save Money and Save the Planet

Little more than a year ago, the NSW Government launched the ‘Return and Earn’ container deposit scheme, which means you can receive PayPal payments or vouchers to use at major retailers such as Woolworths, Coles or IGA in return for collecting certain used containers. The initiative provides incentive to prevent litter gathering on our beaches, parks and streets. However, only certain containers are eligible to be redeemed, therefore it’s a good idea to visit to find out more.

3.       Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

If you love animals, you could offer your services as a dog-walker or pet sitter. There are many online platforms you can sign up to such as Mad Paws, which connects local pet owners and responsible pet sitters in Australia. Walking pets is also a great way to get in some bonus exercise for yourself as well as the pet!

4.       Hold a Garage Sale

Garage sales are the perfect way to clear some space in your living area while making a little extra cash. Not only does it re-use the old items but it also saves money on storage costs and means less is being thrown away needlessly into landfill. Plus, it’s a great way to socialise and meet the local people in your neighbourhood. You can organise a standalone garage sale yourself or alternatively join up to the annual Garage Sale Trail event that happens in October around Australia. For anything that doesn’t get sold on the day, you can always post it up for sale online on Gumtree or eBay.

5.       Become a Social Carer

Like Family is a Sydney-based startup on a mission to reduce social isolation and build more inclusive communities in Australia. We have a network of Social Carers who provide non-medical care to help people who are ill, injured, elderly or living with a disability - people who need companionship, help with social activities or just getting around the neighbourhood. When you sign up to be a Social Carer, you have the power to choose your hours, who you work with and what activities you do. These activities could be anything from companionship at sporting matches and events, helping with gardening, cooking, right through to playing board games and teaching new skills.

If you live in NSW and are looking to earn extra money on the side via a method that is rewarding, fun and benefits the community - Like Family is for you. We offer local jobs with flexible hours to suit your schedule, with a good hourly pay rate. Sign up now to start your journey!