There are many different providers of aged care and disability support, but the pricing can be expensive and confusing. To ensure you’re getting the best value for money, here are five key ways to make cost savings in your aged care and disability support services.

Secure an Affordable Hourly Rate

Getting the quality support you need shouldn’t come with a high price tag that breaks your budget. Did you know Like Family is one of the most affordable options in the market? We offer our Members an affordable and competitive hourly rate of $40 per hour, which means by choosing Like Family as your companionship support provider, you are paying significant lower rates than the NDIS reference rates. With a cheaper hourly rate, this means our Members can fit in additional hours of bonus support within their NDIS budget – all towards improving wellbeing and achieving their personal goals. The hourly rate doesn’t change if you choose another Social Carer, and you won’t be compromising on quality care as our service has over fifty 5-star ratings on Google reviews.

Enjoy more hours of fun and achieve your goals faster with our affordable flat rate. You can choose to pay using your NDIS funding, your Home Care Package or directly via Credit Card.

Find a Flat Rate, Regardless of Weekends or Public Holidays

Unlike many other aged care and disability support providers, Like Family offers the same affordable $40 per hour rate no matter whether it is a weekend or public holiday. Our activity is to build inclusive, sustainable communities that help each other through personalised support, and this is reflected in our approach to pricing. Our focus on community engagement aims to maximise the total number of home care service hours our Members receive, so they can achieve bigger and better goals in their Core Supports and Capacity Building plans.

Like Family is proud to share that in a 52-week period, our Members save up to an additional 100 hours of support.

Make a Group Booking

Another great way to save costs and get more home care support within your NDIS budget is to share support via a group booking;

As mentioned above, for comparison our one-on-one support (one Social Carer and one Member) is provided by Like Family at a $40 per hour flat rate.

However, you can save 24% by making a one-on-two group booking, which is charged at a lower flat rate of $29,50 per person per hour.

Any member participating in a one-on-three group booking makes a saving of 44%! As these group bookings are charged at the flat rate of $22 per person per hour.

Group bookings are also beneficial for someone who is new or anxious about receiving support, for example elderly couples who would be more comfortable sticking together and sharing support.

Avoid Pre-Payments, Hidden Fees and Credit Card Fees.

Hidden or on-going fees can mean less hours of support within your budget, and avoiding these fees is another great way to save on costs. At Like Family, you only pay for the time you have actually spent with the Social Carer, and you only pay after the booking is complete. There are no hidden or added fees whatsoever, no subscription or membership fees, not even credit card transaction fees!

Find a Flat Rate for Any Activity

It can be reassuring as well as cost-effective to find a provider that maintains a consistent flat rate regardless of the activity you would like to book. Like Family maintains a $40 per hour flat rate for all companionship and non-medical care activities – from games, to cooking to skills training.

Like Family offers affordable, personalised care. We understand that it can be frustrating and confusing having a different person arrive each time you require care. That’s why we don’t endlessly rotate staff like some other providers. Instead, we put the choice and control of care in your hands. You can browse a wide variety of Social Carers in your local area with a range of different skills and interests for you to choose from. Found a Social Carer you like? Or has your loved one who needs care developed a friendship with a Social Carer? You can choose to see the same Social Carers regularly. Sign up as a Member now.