We know that pricing for aged care and NDIS disability support can be expensive and confusing. Some charge flat rates, yet others charge different prices depending on the hour of the day. Some charge the same amount regardless of activity, while others require you to negotiate prices with your support worker.

Here are 4 ways to ensure you're getting value for money for your aged care or disability support services.

Secure an affordable hourly rate

Getting the quality support you need shouldn’t come with a high price tag. If you want to get more hours out of your funding, look for disability support providers that charge competitive and affordable prices.

For example, Like Family's hourly rates are 16% below the NDIS price limit for weekday social supports. This means our Members can fit in additional hours of bonus support within their NDIS budget – all towards improving wellbeing and achieving their personal goals. The hourly rate doesn’t change if you choose another Social Carer, and you won’t be compromising on quality care as our service has over 100 5-star ratings on Google.

You can choose to pay using your NDIS funding, your Home Care Package or directly via credit card. View Like Family's pricing.

Look for simple, flat pricing

Some providers will charge different hourly rates depending on the support worker you choose, the support you need, and the time of day. This can be confusing and may end up being more expensive.

At Like Family, we aim to make our pricing as simple and transparent as possible. That's why our hourly prices are the same regardless of what activity you want to do and who you want to work with. We have one flat weekday rate and one flat weekend rate (apart from sleepover support).

We also share our Social Carer hourly rates, so you know exactly how much of your money goes towards paying them for their valuable work.

Make a group booking

A Like Family group booking

Another great way to save costs and get more hours out of your NDIS budget is to share support via a group booking.

1:2 and 1:3 group bookings involve 1 support worker with 2 or 3 participants. It's often much cheaper than 1-on-1 support as you share a support worker with other people.

Group bookings are beneficial for someone who is new or anxious about receiving support, like elderly couples who would be more comfortable sticking together and sharing support, or autistic teenagers who want to meet new people in a safe environment.

Avoid any extra fees

Did you know you can't use your NDIS funding to cover credit card fees? Choosing disability and aged care providers who don't charge additional fees is another great way to save on costs.

At Like Family, you only pay for the time you have actually spent with the Social Carer, and you only pay after the booking is complete. There are no hidden or added fees whatsoever, no subscription or membership fees, not even credit card transaction fees!

Access affordable aged care and disability support with Like Family

A Social Carer and a Member doing arts & craft

We believe anyone can benefit from social and community care. That's why we've made our services are accessible and affordable as possible, regardless of what funding you have.

However, we don't compromise on quality. All our Social Carers (support workers) go through a comprehensive vetting process to ensure they are reliable, trustworthy and passionate about helping their community. They can help with a range of activities to help you build independence and enjoy a higher quality of life.

You can search for Social Carers in your local area via our site, or contact us at hello@likefamily.com.au if you'd like a hand finding the right Carer for your needs. We're always here to help!