There are three ways NDIS participants can choose to manage their NDIS plan: agency managed, self managed and plan managed (or a combination of these options).

According to the NDIS's Annual Pricing Review Report 2022-23, the proportion of NDIS participants using plan management has increased: from 45% in the December 2020 quarter to 58% in the December 2022 quarter.

But what does plan management actually involve? And what benefits does it offer compared to self and agency management?

Our friends at myAutonomy have kindly written a guest article on what plan management is all about. Check it out!

What is plan management?

Plan management is when a provider supports you to manage funding in your NDIS plan. These providers are known as plan managers.

Plan management is different from having the NDIA manage funding in your plan or choosing to self-manage. Plan Managers are funded through the NDIS, and they exist to support and provide guidance and support to NDIS participants that choose to be plan managed.

Why might an NDIS participant choose plan management?

For those who experience disability, having an NDIS plan is critical. How the plan is structured becomes a question of ‘how many balls can I juggle at once?’

For self-managed participants, some challenges may include:

  • Keeping track of your financial records, receipts, and invoices
  • Paying providers using your own money
  • Lodging claims to the NDIS and awaiting payment
  • Managing a separate bank account
  • Taking care of the entire plan on your own

This can add up to over a day a week of admin for some families.

What are the benefits of plan management?

A plan manager can take the hassle out of management to give participants, and their families, more time and less admin.

Some of the benefits of being plan-managed include:

  • Management of provider agreements and all payments with less out of pocket expenses (that need to be reimbursed)
  • Invoice, records, and receipt management
  • Support with financial and overall plan management
  • Help and support navigating the NDIS

Ultimately, a plan manager gives you back time while ensuring you get the most from your plan.

How can I become plan managed?

  1. If you’re currently self-managed, your first port of call is to chat with your support coordinator or local area coordinator.
  2. They’ll be able to assist you in the process of changing from self to plan managed.
  3. Contact myAutonomy and you’ll be enjoying the benefits of less admin in no time!

About myAutonomy

Since 2020, myAutonomy Plan Management has been one of the leading independently owned and operated plan managers that serves its participants, nationally.

  • Same-day processing: all invoices received by 12pm are processed for next day payment
  • Trust: They help you navigate the NDIS with minimal stress and holistic support.
  • No hold times: They don’t operate a call centre–they have plan specialists on hand to answer your queries.

Have a question or query? Reach out to myAutonomy's friendly team on 1300 60 33 89 or email