So what exactly is an Activity? An Activity is like a job post. It tells Social Carers what type of support you're looking for, and when. It could be a trip to the movies on Friday night, a hand with the groceries every Tuesday, or even an overnight getaway.

Once you've posted an Activity, Social Carers in your local area can reach out and apply to support you. This makes it a fantastic way to connect with Carers who share similar interests.

So if you've recently joined Like Family and are keen to start meeting Carers, read on to learn how to write a great Activity post.

1. Choose a clear title

A section of the Like Family website asking for an Activity title

Your Activity title is the first thing a Social Carer is going to see. So make it a good one!

Describe your Activity in 25 words or less, highlighting any key details like whether it's urgent and how often you require support. You may even want to include what goal you're working towards.

Here are some good examples:

  • Looking for a Spanish-speaking Carer to help with meal preparation
  • Help Simon learn to play piano twice per week
  • Urgent: I need a lift to a doctor's appointment on Monday

Try to avoid vague titles like "Community support" or "Help with cleaning". This will make it harder for you to stand out!

2. Write a detailed description

Once a Social Carer clicks on your Activity post, they'll read your description to learn more about what support you need. It's important to be specific so they know what to expect and whether they'll be a good fit for you.

You should include the following details:

  • What your Activity involves. For example, if you're looking for domestic assistance, list what cleaning duties you need help with. If you want to go on regular walks, talk about what days and times you prefer.
  • A bit of information about yourself. Social Carers will have access to your bio, but you may want to include extra details about your support needs or interests here. If you're going to the movies, tell them what a big Marvel fan you are!
  • Any other details a Social Carer needs to know. Would you like the Carer to wear a face mask during the booking?

Still not sure what to write? Click on the "Let us help you write that" button.

Just fill in the blanks and we'll create a description for you.

3. Select relevant activity categories

Next, you'll need to select at least one category that matches your Activity. This helps Social Carers who are searching for specific Activities to help out with.

This is what the different categories mean:

9 activity categories with tick boxes
  • Arts & craft. If you're looking for a knitting or painting buddy, choose this category.
  • Skills training. This category is for people who want to learn a new skill, whether that's practising a musical instrument or learning how to use public transport.
  • Cooking. Get help with meal preparation and cooking with this category.
  • Domestic assistance. This category refers to basic household tasks, like loading the dishwasher or mopping the floor.
  • Games. Whether you're into board games and video games, select this category to find your player 2.
  • Event buddy. This category covers a variety of community access activities, from going to a museum to attending a music concert.
  • Health & wellbeing. If you want to play your favourite sports with a Social Carer or just go for an afternoon stroll, choose Health & wellbeing.
  • Outdoor adventures. Planning a bushwalk? Or a camping trip? This is the category for you.
  • Transport only. As the name suggests, if you just need a lift to a doctor's appointment, select this category.

4. Set a date and frequency

Are you looking for one-off support, or a Social Carer who can be there for you every week?

You can share this information under the "Date" section. Just select the start date, frequency and duration of the Activity.

If you're not sure how long you need support for, just select "flexible"!

5. Include any Social Carer requirements

A section of the Like Family website asking for Social Carer requirements

Sometimes, you may be looking for a certain type of Social Carer. Maybe you want someone who's the same age as you, or someone who has experience working with people with dementia.

You can share these preferences under the "Social Carer requirements" section. We'll only show your Activity post to Carers who match your requirements.

Post an Activity today

That's everything you need to know about posting a great Activity!

If you're unsure what Activities you'd like to do with a Social Carer, read our article on 16 things to do with a social support worker! Alternatively, we post about upcoming accessible events on our Events page, like sensory-friendly movie screenings and disability-friendly sport days.

And if you have any questions about posting an Activity or finding a Social Carer, don't hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Care team at