We all change our schedules from time to time, whether it’s for fun things like a holiday or for less fun things like exams and projects.  

Here are some tips to make sure your members and the community can still function without you:

  • Let your members know when you’re last day with them is and when you’re first visit with them will be.  Make these bookings with your member in the app so that they have some peace of mind about the change.
  • Know any other Social Carers who might be able to help out while you’re gone?  You can recommend them to your member for while you are away.  You’re member just needs to send them a message and go through the bookings process.
  • Don’t know any other Social Carers?  Send our customer team an email at hello@likefamily.com.au letting us know that you will be away and that you’re member will need a Social Carer for a short period of time.  We’ll reach out to them and help them find someone for while you’re unavailable
  • Update your availability when you are away, and switch it back when you’re available again.

Why is finding a cover important?

Members love their Social Carers and build really good relationships with them. When a Social Carer is gone and a Member doesn’t have a cover, they can be unable to maintain the same level of independence and are vulnerable to feelings of loneliness.

Having a Member with at least one other Social Carer is good for both you and them.  You don’t need to worry if you’re unavailable on a particular day as your Member has a team of Social Carers who will be able to help out at different times.  It also allows our community to get to know more people and build stronger connections.