Along with your profile, your activity application is the first thing that a Member sees. It plays a major role in deciding whether or not to book you for an activity. So how can you create a great application?

To start off with, here's what longtime Social Carer, Tarryn Myburgh, has to say about activity applications:

“I have been a Social Carer for over two years now and absolutely love what I do. When I apply for an activity, I make sure my personality comes across as companionship is what people are ultimately looking for. It really has helped me a lot and given my members a great understanding of what they can expect when they meet me.”

Here are some tips on how to write a great application:


Firstly, make sure that you double-check your grammar and spelling! It’s the easiest way to show your professionalism.

About Me

Explain why you think you are a good match for an application, and why the acitivty stood out to you. Don't be afraid to add a personal touch to your message.


Confirm that you are available during the date and time specified.


Qualifications are very important as many Members are looking for someone with specific experience. Whether it is an experience or a skill, make sure you mention this in your activity application.


Make sure you address any questions the member might have in your messages and outline how you can work together to achieve their goals. Try to respond in a timely manner, particularly if the activity is scheduled in the next few days.

To find more resources about becoming a great Social Carer, check out our help centre here.