Regardless of whether you, a family member or friend are newly in need of care or alternatively have been using disability support workers or aged care workers for some time – it can be difficult to find the right person for your needs. Especially frustrating can be having to switch carers or have a different person turn up each time you require care. Here are five benefits of dedicated care:

1.       Ability to build a friendship over time

Naturally there are companionship benefits to having a regular, consistent carer. If you a feeling vulnerable or lonely you may be more comfortable seeing a familiar face each time you need care. In a sense, this is what separates needing the care with actually wanting it and enjoying the time spent with the carer, developing a connection and friendship to alleviate loneliness and depression, making the experience much more positive for both the person who needs care along with the care provider. This is particularly advantageous for someone who is too proud, stubborn or reluctant to receive care in the first place.

2.       Practical health and safety reasons

From a practical point of view, utilising a dedicated, consistent carer over time means there is no need to repeat specific instructions to a new person every time you need care. This could be regarding anything from relevant medications and medical history, allergies and dietary requirements, fears and routines through to key contacts, hobbies, passions and aspirations. It can be draining and time-consuming for both the primary carer and the person who needs the care having to educate a new person each time.

3.       Reduces anxiety and risk

Coming from a place of social isolation can greatly impact one’s emotional and cognitive health, and therefore it can be an anxious period of time constantly meeting new people who will be responsible for you or your loved one’s health and wellbeing. The last thing you would want is to finally find someone you trust only to never see them again and start the process from scratch. Once you have found a carer you can trust, this regular social contact can increase confidence, boost a person’s sense of independence and promote social interaction out and about amongst the community.

4.       Care can be tailored to meet your specific needs

Everyone is unique in how and why they need care. A dedicated carer understands the history of your loved one and knows your likes/dislikes. A dedicated support worker will be familiar with you or your loved one’s unique mental and physical needs and can therefore offer the best possible care and tailored support.

5.       Peace of mind for family and friends

Introducing care into someone’s life can seem daunting not only for them but also the family. Knowing that your loved one is being cared for by someone you have met many times before can be a source of reassurance for primary care givers and can reduce stress for the wider family. Families can have peace of mind knowing the caregiver is trustworthy, reliable, skilled and has personal interests which are similar to their loved one who requires some extra assistance.

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