There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic is having an immense impact on our society, and will likely change the way we live for a long time yet. Could enlisting a companionship service be a way to protect our most vulnerable loved ones in future? In this article, we investigate why companionship services are a preferred alternative to the concerns and high costs associated with aged care and nursing homes.

Find a Carer with Matched Interests

Many aged care providers and nursing homes can rotate staff endlessly, making it difficult to form a bond with those who are providing the care. What makes a companionship service such as Like Family unique is that the person who needs care is matched with local Social Carers who have the same interests, so your elderly relative can develop a genuine friendship with someone who shares their passion such as cooking, gardening or films to name a few.

Like Family understands that it can be an anxious experience to suddenly rely on people you have never met before, so another advantage of using a companionship service such as ours is that you can choose to see the same Social Carer each week. This way, you have a dedicated, regular, familiar face who understands your elderly relative’s personal preferences and special needs to provide the assistance you need.

Share Care Together

Another reason why companionship services can be a preferred alternative to aged care and nursing homes is because elderly couples can share care together by making a group booking. Not only is this an effective way to reduce costs, but it also makes the experience a lot more comfortable in the early days when a senior citizen has their partner present with them – especially if they are feeling too proud or reluctant to receive assistance at first.

In fact, by making a 1-on-2 Booking (one Social Carer with two members) that is a cost saving of 24% compared to one-on-one support!

A family could effectively utilise a companionship provider such as Like Family to help an ageing parent, especially during the challenging times that the COVID-19 period presents. Not only are aged care options such as nursing homes increasingly expensive, but overcrowding is a serious issue that the wider aged care industry has been facing for some time. This suddenly poses greater health risks when social distancing is demanded in order to protect the most vulnerable people in our community. This overcrowding dilemma is unfortunately likely to become even worse in the future, given Australia’s ageing population.

On the other hand, Like Family provides personal, non-medical care at an affordable flat rate of $46 per hour including weekends and public holidays. Our Social Carers travel to private residences, providing reassurance and peace of mind to our Members by restricting the amount of people their loved ones come into contact with. Like Family has also introduced a wide number of COVID-19 measures and safety precautions to limit contact, promote high levels of hygiene and prevent the spread of the virus in our community.

Establish a future of care for your vulnerable loved ones with a companionship service – a cost-effective way of providing familiarity, comfort, protection and supervision to those who need it, while allowing your elderly relatives to maintain a sense of pride and independence in their own home. Like Family has a rigorous on-boarding process for Social Carers including an online values test, a face-to-face induction, police checks and reference checks to name a few. Become a Member now and see for yourself why we have over seventy 5-star ratings on Google reviews.