“Really all that we need

Is to treat everyone like we wanna be treated

If we work together we’re better than one

Just imagine how this world would be

Everybody living in harmony

If we treat everyone everyone everyone with love”

‘Treat everyone with Love” Lillian Helper

It really is that simple. Yet worldwide, people are consistently falling victim to cruel behaviour aimed to belittle and degrade them and make them the source of another’s idea of ‘entertainment’. The statistics and figures surrounding bullying are ever changing and thus, hard to cite specifically. However the facts are showing that the number of people (students particularly) who experience bullying are increasing. An easy connection to make to the increase has been the introduction of the internet and social media – creating a whole other realm in which bullying can take place.

In our world today, darkness seems to be spreading and feelings of love and community are being replaced by fear and mistrust. This darkness can seem overwhelming and all powerful. But in reality darkness has no power at all – for all darkness is, is the absence of light.

It’s true that this is a wide spread issue – however the purpose of this article isn’t to create a wide spread solution. Instead, it’s to draw your attention back to the words of the song you first read, and encourage you to do as it counsels. In other words, ask you to be a single, shining light in a world so desperately in need of more of it.

As individuals looking at global issues we can quickly dismiss or ignore our potential to make an impact – stating simply that ‘it’s just too big.’ And maybe that’s true to an extent. The small and individual steps we take to reach out and be kind and serve others probably won’t make a global impact. But they will make an individual difference and it will truly be one for the better.

In many ways as an organisation, Like Family believes in and advocates for the impact and importance of the individual. One by one and everyday, Social Carers are making differences to the lives of our members. In return, our members are teaching our Social Carers invaluable lessons and granting them meaningful experiences. Both are creating long lasting friendships and are without even realising it, encouraging each other to let their lights shine.

We all have something to offer. We all have something to give. We all have a light to shine. We just need to figure out how to do it.

So the invitation is to think of simple ways you can invite kindness and light into your life and into the lives of others each and everyday. It doesn’t need to be big or grand and it certainly doesn’t need to make a huge difference.

It just needs to make a positive one.

Like Family is on a activity to end social isolation and loneliness, by providing companionship and support to those who need assistance due to disability, illness or ageing. Sign up to become a Social Carer now and join us on this activity!