Whether you have just completed school or study, have just become a mother or father or have gone through a significant life change such as retirement – it can be hard to know what to do for the next stage of your life. With so many opportunities out in the world to choose from, how do you know which one best reflects who you are as a person? Will it help facilitate your personal purpose and be a role that aligns with what you consider important and value most? If you are trying to determine what it is that will motivate you, inspire you and will make you feel rewarded each day, perhaps our guide below may be of some assistance.

What Inspires You?

Inspiration has many origins, can come at any time and is incredibly personal – everyone is unique in how they seek or appreciate inspiration. So how does this apply to you? Perhaps you feel inspired watching films, or seeing the impossible happen? Many writers and artists describe being amongst nature as the source of their inspiration. Whatever it may be, make a list or a mental note of moments that have excited you and have given you ideas for the future.

What Activities Do You Enjoy Doing?

Everyone has their own favourite hobbies and activities such as painting, going shopping, playing team sports, cooking a delicious meal, babysitting, solving puzzles or playing an instrument to name a few. Aside from your inspirational list, make a separate note of all the hobbies you have and the activities you enjoy doing. Is there anyone in particular you share these activities with? Or a particular place you go to for the activity? Make a note of this too.

What Activities Or Skills Are You Good At?

Time to make a list of all your strengths. Perhaps you are extremely organised, you may be a confident public speaker, or you might have an incredible ability to keep people calm. Are you an excellent cook? Can you teach someone a new skill? These are all valuable traits that you can use to help you to discover your inner purpose.

What Motivates You Each Day?

Getting up and out of bed each morning can be challenge, especially if it is cold weather or if you are not a morning person! But what would make you excited and enthusiastic about getting out of bed each day? Is it the thought of making people smile? The appreciation from someone you have helped? Write down everything that drives you and gives you a burst of energy.

The final step is to take a step back and view all your lists together, side by side. Can you see any patterns in your answers across each category? Noticing consistencies in what inspires you, what you enjoy, what you are good at and what motivates you can ultimately help you identify your passion and how you can use it to inspire others and help people in your community.

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