Like Family is considered an essential service by Australian authorities. As a result, we continue operating our 1-on-1 non-medical aged care, companionship and NDIS-approved disability support services.

Like Family is passionate about ending loneliness and providing support to the most vulnerable in our community, a activity that is perhaps more important than ever before. The safety, health and happiness of our Members, Social Carers and wider community is paramount to everything we do, and therefore we have outlined new measures in how we provide support during these challenging times. One of the new measures we have been rolling out is actively dispersing information on what our Social Carers and Members should be aware of during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Precautions Checklist for Social Carers and Members ahead of face-to-face bookings:

· Keep 1.5 metres distance apart from each other, for example, when providing transport, encourage your passenger to sit in the back seat of the car.

· Wear disposable gloves when possible, especially when cooking, cleaning or helping someone with hygiene.

· Wear a mask if you need to get within 1.5 metres of someone, or when cooking

· Disinfect all areas that are being used both before and after the booking, such as the car, table, laptops, phones and benchtops.

· Avoid physical contact such as shaking hands and hugging. It’s not impolite, it’s just good hygiene! Try waving or bowing instead.

· Regularly and thoroughly wash your hands for at least 30 seconds with soap, and use an alcohol-based sanitizer on your hands both prior to starting the booking, at intervals during the booking as well as once the booking has concluded.

· Avoid touching your face, and remind others to do the same. Make it a game if it helps, try to catch someone touching their face!

· Keep informed. The COVID-19 situation is changing, and therefore it is important to keep up to date on the latest developments.

· Reduce your chances of exposure. Cook food to have at home, avoid attending large gatherings and complete your workouts at home.

COVID-19 Preparation Checklist

· If you identify as someone who is at a higher health risk, have you communicated this with your friends, family and regular contacts? It may be best to advise them in advance so both they and you can take extra precautions.

· Do you have 2-4 weeks’ supply of your prescription medication, any non-prescription medication you may require in this time as well as the necessary medical supplies you need?

· Have you prepared a backup plan in case you need to be isolated at home, or if your primary carer feels unwell?

· Have you planned alternatives to your usual routine such as online shopping, contact free grocery arrangement with a Social Carer and at-home exercise?

· Do you have copies of your health records from hospitals, your GP and pharmacies stored and easily accessible?

Our friendly team are happy to answer any questions regarding one-on-one support during the COVID-19 pandemic, or questions regarding any of the above information. Call us 8.30am - 5.30pm, Monday – Friday on 02 8310 7531

More Information

If you are new to Like Family and would like to find support for yourself or on behalf of someone else, you can sign up as a Member here: https://homecareSocial

If you would like to make a face to face booking, you can log in via this link: https://homecareSocial

Here are 5 actions Like Family is taking to combat COVID-19 (Coronavirus): https://landing.homecareSocial

For more information on COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the symptoms, how it spreads and what can help to prevent the spread, visit:

If you're feeling unwell and have symptoms of COVID-19 call your GP. They will be able to tell you whether to attend in person. You can also call the Coronavirus Health Information Line for advice on 1800 020 080. If you require translating or interpreting services, call 131 450.

Reporting exposure: If you or someone you have been in contact with has tested positive for COVID-19, contact Like Family immediately by calling (02) 6181 1906 or emailing hello@homecareSocial