Our Pricing Philosophy

At Like Family, our Social Carers are everyday people who are motivated by the connections and impact they make on their Members and families. They truly enjoy the work that they do and the people they work with, making it less of a job and more of a calling.

Our Pricing is Based On...

  • Achieving our mission to create more socially inclusive and connected communities
  • Being affordable, regardless of whether you have government funding or not
  • Being simple and easy

Our mission is to connect communities all over Australia, hence our online platform and model is made to help as many people in need as possible. We’re able to remain affordable as our business operations and administration costs are shared amongst a larger proportion of users.

We know first hand how complex and confusing managing invoices and payments can be. This is why we have no subscription fees, no negotiations, no hidden costs and no double checking days and times. Our transparent flat rates make it easy to budget and to know what you’re paying for. So you can make better choices about the Social Carer and the activities you want to do, without sacrificing quality.

What Members Get For Our Pricing

  • Quality. Thoroughly screened and vetted Social Carers - ~30% of Social Carers applicants are rejected on our platform.
  • Ease of use and choice and control. The use of our easy to use platform that enables you to view and connect directly with Social Carers.
  • Customer service. We have a customer satisfaction rate of 92%. Our team is ready to answer your calls and emails.
  • Mediation and dispute resolution. When you really need us we’re here to help sort out any issues that might arise.
  • Peace of mind. Knowing each and every Social Carer has been hand picked and is covered by an A-rated insurance, provides peace of mind to the families who use our services.

When Will Repricing Occur?

In order to make our pricing clearer for Members and Social Carers, we commit to only reprice once every year on the 1st of October. As such, the prices of our services will be adjusted on the 1st of October, 2020, and will remain the same until the following year.

Our New Rates for Social Carers

1-on-1: $32.30 per hour
2-on-1: $47.50 per hour
3-on-1: $53 per hour
Sleepover (8 hours): $98.50 per 8 hours

Should you have any questions about the above and how this will affect you, please don't hesitate to reach out to the our Customer Experience Team on 02 8310 7531.