During a pandemic such as COVID-19 (Coronavirus), health authorities recommend that you should store at least a two-week supply of food, water, medicine and any prescription medication. However, this is easier said than done for many elderly people, and people with a disability.

In light of this, Woolworths and Coles have announced a temporary initiative to help prevent panic-buying surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) affecting the elderly and people with a disability. At all stores around Australia, 7am-8am is now an exclusive shopping hour for the elderly and disabled people. Remember to take your Concession Card! However, even with this shopping hour window, there are people who may still struggle to get the supplies they need - such as people with dementia, vision impairments, or people who are affected by an aspect of their physical functioning such as their mobility, dexterity or stamina. For the many Australians affected by these conditions, where does the solution lie?

Like Family is an NDIS-approved provider, known for our trusted and affordable companionship and non-medical home care services. We are passionate about building inclusive communities and want to help reduce the stress and panic many Australians are facing as a result of these turbulent times. Like Family is considered an essential service by Australian authorities. As a result, we will continue operating as normal, helping people safely with one-on-one support is our top priority. There is no denying the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on emotional well-being. Vulnerable people such as those living with disabilities and the elderly may notice worsened symptoms or a loss of control. Now more than ever, we are here, for them and our community.

Recognising the needs of our members during these concerning times, Like Family has developed a new groceries support offering, where Members can see which Social Carers are available and make a booking with the Social Carer to take them and assist with their groceries. This support is completely flexible depending on the needs of the Member, but could include transport to and from the local supermarket, help with searching for what supplies they need while keeping their distance from others, reducing anxiety and panic and helping the Member feel more comfortable, as well as carrying bags and loading/unloading the car.

Any Members who are interested in this new service can access groceries support via this link:


If you are a Social Carer who is available to assist, you can use the above link to ad your name to the available Social Carers.

If you have any questions about becoming a Member or how our groceries support can work for you, our friendly team are happy to help. Call us 8.30am - 5.30pm, Monday – Friday on 02 8310 7531

More Information

If you are new to Like Family and would like to find support for yourself or on behalf of someone else, you can sign up as a Member here: https://homecareheroes.com.au/care-seekers/onboardings/sign-up

If you would like to make a booking for groceries support, visit https://homecareheroes.com.au/events/483

Here are 5 actions Like Family is taking to combat COVID-19 (Coronavirus): https://landing.homecareheroes.com.au/actions-to-combat-coronavirus-covid19/

For more information on COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the symptoms, how it spreads and what can help to prevent the spread, visit: https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert

If you're feeling unwell and have symptoms of COVID-19 call your GP. They will be able to tell you whether to attend in person. You can also call the Coronavirus Health Information Line for advice on 1800 020 080. If you require translating or interpreting services, call 131 450.

Reporting exposure: If you or someone you have been in contact with has tested positive for COVID-19, contact Like Family immediately by calling (02) 6181 1906 or emailing hello@homecareheroes.com.au