We've received a bunch of questions from Social Carers about insurance, so have decided to write it all up for you below. Read on to learn all about what you are, and are not, covered for!

Do I receive Worker's Compensation?

Some contractors are covered for Worker’s Compensation in some states and in specific circumstances. In New South Wales, contractors are not entitled to workers’ compensation insurance (including under the iCare scheme), unless you have arranged your own insurance.

How can I be insured?

We have established a limited public liability policy, in order to give Social Carers peace of mind when using our platform. Social Carers are automatically provided with insurance with an A-rated (excellent) insurer, in the event that you face costs and damages as a result of a claim arising from the provision of domestic & home care services.

What if I am sick or injured, and cannot work?  

As a contractor, you do not accrue sick days, paid holiday leave or other employee entitlements, so you are responsible for organising and funding your own holiday and sick leave.

Do I need to pay extra for the Like Family insurance policy?

Our insurance is included in the admin fee, and covers you while performing normal support activities as a Social Carer. You are responsible for confirming that the policy is suitable for you and whether or not you want to obtain additional insurance. More info about your pay and where our admin fee is directed here.

What is covered in our policy?

  • Social support
  • In-home support including meal preparation and light housework
  • Assistance in performing physical activity
  • Transportation
  • Skills training
  • Online or phone support

What is not covered in our policy?

  • Climbing ladders
  • Using machinery (i.e. chainsaw or a whipper snipper)
  • Personal care
  • Medication dispensing
  • Heavy lifting
  • Home repairs