Here are just a few of the ways our Social Carers can provide disability support.

Company and Companionship

Especially in the recent times of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, for anyone who would be more comfortable interacting one-on-one rather than in groups, Social Carers can provide some much-needed company and conversation. Like Family matches our members with Social Carers in their local area based on similar values and interests. By interacting with someone who has similar interests to you, this allows for genuine friendships and connections to build – plus, makes it so much more fun!

For anyone with a compromised immune system who is restricted by staying at home and is feeling lonely, Like Family also offers a wide number of activities and companionship via video bookings.

Understanding and Willingness to Listen

To help promote a positive state of mental health, sometimes it is nice to be around someone who is understanding of your needs and will listen to you. Our Social Carers are not support workers, they are everyday people – incredible people - from the local community who want to help others and make build a more positive future for the world. As part of our vetting process, before becoming a Social Carer, individuals must pass our values test online to ensure they meet our high standards. Here is a link to more information about some of the attributes we look for in a Social Carer.

Help to Build Confidence

For anyone with a disability who is not used to socialising, or has lost confidence for any reason, Social Carers can help someone feel more comfortable in social situations. When a person who has been experiencing feelings of loneliness suddenly builds a friendship of trust and shared interests with someone who is understanding, patient and new – they become more comfortable interacting with others. As a result of strengthened confidence, they may also start to become less emotionally reliant on their primary carer.

Help with Achieving Goals

Learning new skills and achieving goals can help build a sense of independence and increase a sense of satisfaction in life for anyone, regardless of ability! Like Family is passionate about helping our members reach their goals. Our Social Carers come from varied backgrounds and skillsets, so you have a wide range of specialties you can choose from to help you learn – such as cooking, computer skills, exercise and language development to name a few!

A Break for Primary Carers

Even though so many primary carers find the support they provide to bring great joy and highly rewarding experiences, Social Carers can provide respite care as a short-term break for caregivers of children or adults. Respite care means that they can replenish their energy, take care of themselves, run some much-needed errands or take care of other family members if needed. In this way, caregivers feel refreshed and relaxed and return with the energy, positivity and focus needed to provide support.

If you feel that someone you care for would benefit from any of the above, sign up as a member to try Like Family! We have Social Carers with a wide range of interests, languages and skills based throughout the greater Sydney region, Wollongong, Newcastle and the Central Coast of New South Wales. All Social Carers are thoroughly vetted through a rigorous screening and onboarding process before becoming a Social Carer, including reference checks, police checks, Working with Children checks, an online values test and a face-to-face induction. Like Family is NDIS-approved, with over 70 five-star ratings on Google reviews, and has quickly become one of the most trusted names in disability support and aged care. We are passionate about ending social isolation and loneliness, and offer an affordable flat rate of $40 per hour including weekends and public holidays.