With the new year upon us, many people consider it to be an ideal time for a fresh start and to set new goals for the future. With so many opportunities out in the community to choose from, it can be overwhelming to try and set goals that will motivate you, inspire you and give you a rewarding feeling. Whether it is providing kindness to strangers or perhaps giving companionship to those who feel lonely, here is a guide to help you set goals that align with your personal sense of purpose.

Follow Your Passion

What is it you care most about? What topics or hobbies make you happy? What gets you out of bed with motivation each morning? What action do you think needs to be taken to make the world a better place? Answering questions such as these can guide you towards setting goals for the future.  Making a couple of goals for the different areas of your life means you have more of an opportunity for multiple achievements and also takes the pressure off having one specific goal. If you are looking for more inspiration and insight, read our article on How to Find Your Passion.

If one of your goals is to help others in your community achieve their dreams, Like Family wants to meet you! We offer paid, rewarding and flexible work, find out more about becoming a Social Carer.

Be Excited AND Realistic

Set goals that are realistic and attainable. The whole purpose of goal-setting is to inspire you to get the most of your time and to make you happy, not to put unnecessary pressure on yourself, and then spend all your time stressing about a difficult and unlikely target.

Setting a deadline is important for goals, in order to motivate action. However, to avoid feelings of disappointment, try to set goals within a realistic timeframe – add an extra portion of time to act as a buffer if needed.

Find a Goal Buddy

The one thing better than achieving a goal, is achieving a goal with a partner or a community group. When you achieve goals together, you motivate each other to take action, support each other through problems or tough times, and you get to share the feeling of accomplishment together. Once you have a few goals written down that are important to you, it’s a good idea to find a friend who shares your passion, or alternatively, to reach out to volunteer groups or community groups that are driven towards a common goal that aligns with yours.

Shoot for the Stars

Lastly, but most importantly, don’t hold back - you only get one life and it is up to you to make the most of it. Set a prize or reward for completing a goal, even if it is just something small, as this will help motivate you to work hard!

Have you written a list of goals, and would like some assistance to achieve them? Regardless of whether it is transport to get to classes, help with cooking new meals or perhaps assistance working on a resume, Like Family can help. Like Family is an NDIS-approved provider, and offers fully-vetted Social Carers with a wide range of skills to choose from in the greater Sydney region, Newcastle, Wollongong and the Central Coast NSW. We are passionate about companionship and helping people to achieve their goals, and are proud to offer a competitive flat-rate of $40 per hour including weekends and public holidays, which means you can fit more hours of support within your budget. Sign up now to be matched with a Social Carer who is local to you and shares your passion.