One of the greatest elements that Like Family brings to the table is the extensive range of opportunities for Members and Social Carers to become more engaged in the community. Whether you are a new Social Carer or a long-time Member, you are quick to see that the work that we do revolves around getting out and about! This can include running errands, volunteering, event buddies or just taking a walk along the coast for companionship. Without great effort, Social Carers and Members are building relationships by bonding through activities that they otherwise may not experience without each other.

While to some, these activities may seem mundane and part of a daily routine, to others these tasks are a great challenge in regards to stepping outside of a comfort zone. Stepping outside of our comfort zone can be scary at times, but when you have an event buddy to do it with you, it becomes more of a natural transition into an enlightening experience that can lead you to new opportunities. So that is where we come in!

Brooke, one of our amazing Social Carers, expressed her appreciation for how her newly found relationships have led her to new opportunities to engage in the community, and she sheds light on what it means to be a Social Carer:

“I have been working with Home care Social Carers for 8 months now, and I am happy to say that I have been introduced into a supportive environment for both members and myself. It doesn’t matter how long or how short you have worked with them because no matter who you are everyone is very inclusive . I felt so welcomed, so included, and so appreciative for the types of people I met. Like Family is more than a service, it is a genuine family of great people who are willing to go all out for whoever needs assistance and enjoy offering companionship. I am very impressed and super appreciative to be apart of this amazing union of people and I would highly recommend Like Family to everybody and anybody because you won’t find anything as good as these people!!"

While we focus on matching Social Carers and members through our platform and promoting a few events through our activity board, there is so much more out there for us all to explore! Getting involved in the community allows for you to meet new people, change your perspective, immerse in your own or different culture, and to give back in some way, shape or form! Our activity board provides activities and ideas for Social Carers and members to do during their bookings for greater community engagement.

Joining Like Family is an excellent way to achieve a better understanding of the community and to open your eyes to the world around us. You never know, it could lead you to your path for purpose and passion and could guide you to like-minded people! So don't fear new opportunities, get out there and embrace them!

See more information about becoming a Social Carer here, and see if you have what it takes to become a Social Carer! Or if you are looking for companionship, sign up here to be matched up with a local Social Carer and experience the personal, dedicated and tailored care that Care Social Carers offers.