Over the past few years, Like Family has been selected to be part of a grant by the Australian Government to become Be Connected Providers. The Be Connected Program was established to empower all Australians to thrive in a digital world. Like Family helps individuals to develop their digital understanding, skills and confidence through various devices and online platforms.

The Be Connected Program was established by the Australian Government to help Australians develop digital skills to connect online with others for companionship and social interaction. This free program teaches individuals skills on how to use devices (for example, a laptop or smartphone), basics on how to use the internet as well as how to connect online with others. The program gives access to free resources, and a community of partners teaching the skills of how to be a digital wiz. These partners create free local meet ups, group lessons and seminars to teach individuals to thrive digitally in person. This in-person support can demonstrate the functionalities of devices and online applications in depth and at a comfortable pace.

Individuals who are a part of the Be Connected Program learn various digital skills and applications. As part of the Be Connect Program, individuals are taught on how to use various devices such as learning how to use smartphones, laptops, computers, iPads, tablets or a touchscreen. With these devices, individuals are shown how to use its functionalities to reach out to others online. Such functionalities can include how to use a touchscreen, to check and send emails, download and use a variety of apps, Facebook, Instagram and many more online platforms and tools. By offering free resources to help others develop digital skills, Australians will be able to stay in touch with friends and family.

Like Family is on a activity to tackle social isolation for the vulnerable, and so this is a great opportunity to tackle this growing issue. As Be Connected Providers, Like Family offers in-person support to help older people to develop their digital skills and confidence, in order to use their smartphones and using Facebook messenger to message their family. Like Family offers in-person support at local communities.

To find out more about the Be Connected Program or to express interest, please email hello@homecareSocial Carers.com.au