Our Social Carers assist with goals, teaching skills and companionship. Our Social Carers have skills that they are willing to share in order for others to acquire skills to fulfill their goals or simply to learn a new skill. Like Family match Social Carers with Members by location, hobbies and personality to make sure Social Carers and Members are strongly suited to each other.

Social Carers are not limited to any sort of skill set. Each Social Carer is unique in their own way and may specialise in a specific skill such as playing the guitar while others may dabble in a little bit of everything. Our Social Carers can enhance all sorts of things including:

  • speech
  • extracurricular activities
  • sports
  • cooking
  • social skills
  • confidence
  • understanding
  • technology
  • independence

The list is not limited at all. We match the needs and desires of each Member to the Social Carer most suited towards these needs. This allows for passions to be shared and for time spent together to be enjoyable and memorable, allowing for genuine companionship. When Members are paired with their Social Carer, often times the activities they go on together become a weekly occurrence. The nice thing about this is that you can automatically set the bookings to be weekly by using our platform.

The greatest thing about Finding Social Carer and Member Matches is that our team at Like Family can do the work for you! We can find the perfect fit for you or your Member if you decide that you don't want to find your Social Carer on your own. From the first booking, we will continue to work with you to make sure that your Social Carer is the perfect fit. If this is something that interests you, reach out to our team at 02 8310 7531 or at hello@homecareSocial Carers.com.au. We would love to assist you with any of your needs and we take pride in creating the perfect matches that will allow each Member to grow into their greatest selves!

While all of our Social Carers are extremely qualified, each Social Carer that is available to work with children have an 'Australian Working With Children' Check. It is our goal to make the lives of our Members more fulfilled in whichever area they are looking to enhance!  No matter the member's age, we have a Social Carer for you! Check out our website here to learn more and find the Social Carer that can help you to build the skills you have been longing to enhance for so long now!