As we mentioned in part one of this article, when crafting your Activity application, it is best to make sure that your messages to Members include accurate grammar and spelling, a personal touch, your availability, and relevant qualifications and experience. We also recommend that you respond in a timely manner and discuss their specific goals.

Learn more about the above tips here, or read on to find examples of awesome, and not-as-awesome applications.

Awesome Activity Applications

"Hi there,

My name is Jane. I hope all is well! I’m expressing my interest in this activity as I live very close by, and it suits my availability really well. I am a social work university student and have been a Social Carer for just over a year.

I enjoy working with Like Family because of the values it represents. I hope to hear from you soon, as I would love to be of assistance to your mum. I can begin work as early as next week and am available any time on the weekends, however may need to work around my university schedule during the week.

Thank you for this opportunity, Jane"

"Hello Paul,

My name is Henry. I am a kind, respectful, friendly, and active person who enjoys cleaning very much.

I would love to support you and your dear wife as much as I can, and am free on Fridays to assist around the house and however else you need. I believe that everyone needs a little help and comfort in life, and it would be wonderful to help you both be comfortable and happy in your home.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance, Henry"

"Hi Emalee,

My name is Nicole and I've worked with Like Family for almost 2 years.

I’m an expert at public transport, because in my daily life (work, shopping and studies), I catch the bus or train everywhere.

I love meeting and helping new people, so would love to teach you where to catch the train or bus, how to read the timetable, where to interchange, how to read if it’s an express route or not, and how to download and use the best apps for public transport.

I look forward from hearing you!

Kind regards, Nicole"

"Hi there, my name is Alexis!

I can definitely support Hannah and help her have more confidence.

I enjoy staying active by shopping, and am very passionate about helping others. I have three daughters, one which also has disabilities and suffers from anxiety and is on medication to help her control her symptoms.

I’m happy to have a meet and greet to see if I would be a good fit for Hannah, and currently have Wednesday’s or Friday’s available.

My phone number is 0431088931. I hope to hear from you!


Not-As-Awesome Activity Applications

"Hi, I would love to hang out with Felipe and engage in activities together. I have relevant experience and Fridays from 1-2 are good for me. "

My name is Matt and I am interested in doing this activity.
I would be very happy to talk with you online

"Hi I can help you, I enjoy games, driving, TV, shopping cheers mate"

"Hi there my names Tegan I am a qualified pt. Reach out if you would like to discuss it further."

"My names Harry I can help if you are still searching for a Social Carer?"

"Hi  just wondering how many hours I require ? I can do Monday or Thursday afternoons?"

"Hi, I’m a person with lots of life expectancies . Let me know if you are interested and how many days etc"

"Hi, I can assist with this I live in your area and have a car. Happy to catch up if you think I’m suited. Thanks"

We hope that the above examples help you to create your next activity applications!