There is no denying the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on emotional well-being. People living with anxiety conditions may notice worsened symptoms or a loss of control. At Like Family, our mission is to reduce social isolation and provide companionship for people with disability and the elderly. Now more than ever, we are here, for them and our community.

So how do you help those feeling isolated while promoting social distancing? Video Bookings are a new way of connecting, promoting social distancing while allowing our Members and Social Carers to maintain their social well-being and reach their goals. Virtual Bookings use WhatsApp Video Call, Facebook Messenger Video or Google Duo so that Members and Social Carers can stay in touch and interact with one another via video call. Here are just some of the activities you can achieve via video bookings:

Tutoring and Homework

Video Bookings are an easy way to get help with homework and tutoring for a range of subjects – especially if you are staying at home rather than physically attending school or higher education. Find a Social Carer with experience in tutoring and homework support.


Arts and crafts are a great activity that can be enjoyed over video chat. Use paint, pencils, even a pen you have nearby! Choose a theme you can try together, such as drawing a self-portrait or both painting the same fruit bowl you can see on the video chat. Find a Social Carer with skills in this area to learn some new techniques.

Drama and Theatre

If you are a keen actor, virtual bookings are a great way to practice your lines, experiment with your facial expressions, practice your voice for the stage and get feedback on your performance. Don’t have a play coming up? Why not try writing one together! Brainstorm a genre, some situations and characters that would be fun to act.


Stuck indoors and don’t have any exercise equipment? No problem! If your goal is to improve your physical health, you can commit to regular exercise with your Social Carer through a virtual booking. Yoga, martial arts and non-equipment workouts such as lunges or star jumps are all ways to improve your fitness from the comfort of your own home. Find a Social Carer who has experience with these exercise forms to guide you through a routine each week.

Watching a Movie or TV Series Together

If you usually spend time enjoying a movie or TV Series with your Social Carer, how about trying a Gogglebox-style viewing! This is where you both press ‘play’ at the same time, and can see and hear each other’s reactions, just as though they were sitting right next to you. On-demand platforms such as ABC iView or Netflix are perfect for choosing the same show to watch at the same time.

Writing a Resume

If your goal is to complete your resume and send it out in hopes of gaining employment, Social Carers can certainly help you through a virtual booking. Google Hangouts allows you to screenshare, so you can both see what’s on the screen and talk through improvements, or alternatively while you’re on video chat you can both work on a shared ‘Google Doc’.

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